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Winter-long pricing starts when the City of Winnipeg's public golf courses CLOSE, and ends when they OPEN


Monday - Thursday

$36 9AM - 11AM

$42 11AM - 4PM

$48 4PM - 12AM


$36 8AM - 10AM

$42 10AM - 4PM 

$54 4PM - 1AM


$48 8AM - 10AM

$54 10AM - 1AM

Sunday & Holidays

$48 8AM - 10AM

$54 10AM - 12AM


Summer-long pricing starts when the City of Winnipeg's public golf courses OPEN, and ends when they CLOSE

Monday - Thursday

$35 5PM - 11AM

Tuesday - Friday

$35 9AM - 1PM

$35 5PM - 11PM


$35 12PM - 12AM

Sunday & Holidays


Judge and Gavel

Booking Terms, Conditions & Guidelines:

  • Listed price is "per hour per bay," exclusive of tax

  • 1-4 guests per bay (an additional 2 guests may be accommodated by contacting us)

  • 30 minutes minimum, 4 hours maximum (for extended bookings, contact us)

  • AVID GOLF recommends 45-60 minutes, per person, to complete an 18 hour golfing experience. Factors include player ability, driving range warm-up, game settings such as "Auto-Putt" and "Double-Par," software familiarity, and pace-of-play

  • AVID GOLF reserves the right to move a booking to a different bay in an attempt to optimize customer experience, and the tee sheet; if a customer desires a particular feature, or bay, we ask that this be mentioned in the "notes" section of the booking, and AVID staff will do our very best to accommodate

  • Guests are responsible for full payment of all hour(s) booked

  • Golf simulator bay rentals are based on time, with billings rounded up to the nearest 5 minutes

  • Golfers are expected to bring their own clubs, or rent clubs from AVID GOLF ($23.99)

  • Golfers are expected to arrive with clean clubs, spikeless shoes, and if a golfer desires to use their own golf balls (instead of AVID GOLF's supplied Titleist ProV1's), golf balls must be white, un-marked, and in new condition

  • Booking slot ends 5 minutes early, for staff-member & next-customer convenience

  • Guests are responsible for the length of their stay, and are charged for over-time golf accordingly

  • Club Member preferred pricing may apply (see for details)

  • Coaching sessions include golf simulator bay rentals

  • While "walk-ins" are accepted, golfers run the risk as to whether or not golf simulator bays are available

  • AVID GOLF reserves the right to open late, OR close early, as compared with pre-determined Business Hours, IF there are no customers booked on the AVID GOLF tee sheet

Cancellation Policy:

  • 24 hours in advance, for single-bay bookings (for group booking policies, see below)

  • Acceptable communication channels include ONLY phone                  (1-204-505-2843) and email (

Group Bookings:

  • 2-6 golf simulator bay rentals (including the opportunity to "rent out AVID GOLF")

  • Contact us to best arrange side-by-side bays, and for all other party details

  • Credit card holds must be applied to maintain group bookings, equal to the first hour for every bay booked (call us at 204-505-2843)

  • Cancellation policy is "1 day per bay" when canceling, or down-sizing an existing reservation (ex. a 3-bay-booking requires 3 days notice (72 hours) for cancellations or modifications to release the credit card hold). If the group booking is canceled or down-sized with less than "1 day per bay" notice, AVID GOLF reserves the right to process 100% of the value of the credit card hold.

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