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Play the Super Scramble, win a trip to Clear Lake Golf Course!

The AVID GOLF Super Scramble - sponsored by Boschman Wealth Partners. 

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Starts NOW

Deadline: May 9th

The AVID GOLF Super Scramble is our biggest event of the year. And it's back, better than ever! Last Spring, 220 golfers, of all different skills, formed 55 teams in a "Super Scramble" tournament that included free drinks, free prizes, and free photos for social media stardom.

Was last year a good offer? Yup.

Is this year's offer better? YOU BET YOUR LLAMA PAJAMAS!


  • 4-person Scramble @ Harbour Town

  • Book any day, any time (regular booking)

  • Complementary drink every time you play

  • Winning team wins new wedges ($250 value)

  • 1 RANDOM person wins an all-inclusive golf trip with 3 friends to Clear Lake ($1,300 value)

  • Teams can play UNLIMITED ROUNDS

  • Golfers can join multiple teams

  • Every round gets you 1 ticket towards the prize draw

  • 25% chance of winning SOMETHING


  • An all-inclusive Golf Trip for 4 golfers to Clear Lake ($1,300 value)

  • 4 Passes to Elmhurst Golf & Country Club ($400 value)

  • 4 Passes to Bridges Golf Course ($400 value)

  • 4 Passes to Sandy Hook Golf Club

  • Winnipeg Blue Bomber Tickets!

  • Brazen Hall Gift Cards

  • Callaway Golf Bags

  • PING Headcovers & Hats (Heritage Collection)

  • OGIO Drink Coolers & Merch

  • 204 Meal Prep ready-to-eat dinners for 1 week

  • Vincenzo’s Mercato gift cards (NEW Italian grocer next door)

  • AVID GOLF Full Summer Membership ($560 value)

  • AVID GOLF 1 Month Membership ($140 value)

  • ............and more!


  1. Random DOOR Prize (including an all-inclusive Golf Trip to Clear Lake)

  2. Random SCORE Prize (ex. "everyone that shot +2 or -5 WINS a prize")


  • Any brand new wedge they want ($250 value)

  • AVID GOLF hat, towel & ball-marker ($75 value)

  • Team 'signature drink' designed & named on the AVID Menu

  • 'The AVID Parade' - outdoor photoshoot on Taylor Ave (outside AVID)

  • Fancy photograph mounted for display inside AVID

  • Bragging rights as "AVID GOLF Club Champs 2024"

(read the rules, guidelines, terms & conditions BELOW...)



  • Schedule a regular tee time in the AVID GOLF tee sheet on our website 

  • Specify in advance that your reservation will be used as "a SUPER SCRAMBLE entry" (make a note in the online booking)

  • Read 'THE FINE PRINT' prior to playing (see below...)

  • Schedule & complete your SUPER SCRAMBLE round(s) by May 9th end-of-day

Questions? Require assistance?
Email us back, or give us a call!

On behalf of AVID GOLF, we'd like to thank the golf community for its support over the past 17 months since we first opened our doors. Avid Luc still remembers stressing-out about not knowing how to load paper towel into the dispensers on Opening Day!




AND we'd like to thank our Sponsor, Boschman Wealth Partners, for their generous contribution towards the SUPER SCRAMBLE, and to our Club! Boschman Wealth Partners (a division of RBC Dominion Securities) have been "swinging the sticks" at AVID GOLF since we first opened! If you're looking for a team to build a stronger financial future with, we'd encourage you to tee-it-up with Vince and his avid colleagues.


Avid Luc, Cody & Team

Clear Lake golf course


The following are rules, guidelines, terms & conditions ALL participants are EXPECTED to be aware of, to ensure SUPER SCRAMBLE rounds played are eligible for prizes and more.

  • Harbour Town Golf Links - men play 6243 yards, seniors 55+ play 5853 yards, and ladies play 5072 yards

  • Simulator round settings will include 6 foot gimmies, 0 MPH wind, and NO lie penalties, played on "double par" (score limit per hole) at Winnipeg elevation to sea level (791 feet)

  • As mulligans are not an option in the Foresight Sports scramble-mode, participants are warned to take practice swings a safe distance from the ball; if a practice swing registers as a golf shot, AVID Staff ask participants to "smile, pick up and move on," as simulator golf isn't perfect; please consult AVID Staffers on how to minimize the likelihood of inadvertent shots registering

  • 4 person teams maximum, and 2 person teams minimum, where each participant can only play 1 ball per round (ie. 3 golfers, 3 person scramble)

  • No handicaps, no exclusions, no exceptions - ANYONE can participate

  • Unlimited rounds per person; can play on multiple teams; and teams can play multiple times until the deadline of Thursday May 9th (end of day)

  • For each round to qualify......

  1.  AVID Staffers must be notified prior to the round commencing that the round is the "SUPER SCRAMBLE" or "Club Championship" entry

  2.  an AVID Staffer must set, review & ultimately click START on the computer to initiate the start of the round

  3.  each golfers' name must be clearly recorded on the piece of paper provided by AVID Staff

  4. an AVID Staffer MUST be asked to take a picture of the final scorecard screen, where the scorecard is clearly photographed, the final score is verified, and collected on-site by an AVID Staffer PRIOR to participating teams leaving AVID GOLF

  • Regardless of score, if the scorecard is not collected by AVID Staff, the round is not recorded, and does not count towards prizing of any kind. It is the responsibility of each team to ask an AVID Staffer to come take the verification picture. If the round is exited prior to a picture being taken, unfortunately, the team and its result will NOT qualify due to lack-of-evidence

  • A minimum 3 hour booking is strongly encouraged, and a 3.5 hour booking is recommended, as it is required that all rounds are completed in a single, continuous playing session

  • Participants & teams are responsible for paying for all simulator time scheduled, and in the event additional time is utilized (assuming additional time is available to be utilized), participants & teams agree to pay per-minute at the hourly rate, based on additional time incurred, like any ordinary booking

  • In a case where multiple teams are tied for the same score after 18 holes, an 18-hole tiebreaker will be announced for all tiebreaking-teams, where applicable teams play for free on a three (3) hour time limit, have 10 DAYS to complete the 18-holes from date-of-announcement, are solely responsible for scheduling the tiebreaker themselves, and NO team substitutions are permitted. In the event that 2 or more teams remain tied after completion of the 18-hole tiebreaker, the team with the most eagles in the tiebreaking round wins, followed by the team with the most birdies, followed by least number of bogeys or worse incurred

  • A complimentary drink for each participant includes any coffee product, any Coca Cola product, any beer, 6OZ wine, or standard mixed drink, subject to availability

  • The "all inclusive Golf Trip to Clear Lake" grand prize includes 2 weekday rounds for 4 golfers at Clear Lake Golf Course, on back-to-back days, including power carts, a 2-bed hotel room stay, and $250 of meal vouchers

  • Prize draw tickets will identify WHO each qualifying round was played with, so in the event the winner has played multiple rounds with multiple teams, the winning ticket will be capable of distinguishing one round from another; however, the grand prize winner has complete freedom & discretion to determine who the additional 3 guests are, whether that be fellow Super Scramble teammates, or ANYONE they so freely choose

  • All golfers begin with a 25% chance of winning a door prize, and can increase their odds of winning by playing additional qualified rounds, earning 1 additional ticket towards the prize draw for each round they play

  • The Random SCORE Prize Draw will be limited to the first 5 teams that shoot a particular qualifying score, in the case that many teams all shoot the same score that's drawn

  • One purpose of the Random SCORE Prize is to ensure teams are completing & submitting their scores & scorecards, regardless of how "bad" or "non-competitive" their final score was perceived as

  • The 4 winning team members each may choose a golf wedge prize at a value of $250 or less, before taxes, which will be shipped to AVID GOLF and made available for pickup; brands are limited to Callaway, PING, Titleist, Taylormade or Cobra

  • AVID GOLF hat, towel & ball-marker are subject to availability & delay

  • Club Champions will have the opportunity to meet with AVID Staffers and provide key creative input regarding the name AND blend for an AVID GOLF signature cocktail, which is entirely at the discretion and decision of AVID Management, and would remain on the food & beverage menu from Winter 2024 until Winter 2025, or longer

  • 'The AVID Parade,' celebrating our newly-crowned Club Champions, would take place outside the premises of AVID GOLF, for the purposes of a safety-first, fancy photoshoot. Winners will either agree to a date & time with AVID Staffers to schedule The AVID Parade, OR winners may decline the "Parade" concept altogether

  • With permission, Club Champions will have their names and/or photograph taken from The AVID Parade mounted for display inside AVID GOLF by Winter 2024, subject to conceptual changes

  • If any rule, guideline, recommendation, term or condition is not clear in its original form, a) AVID GOLF may update its descriptions as long as the updates are clearly known to all participants, and b) participants agree that AVID GOLF has the right to use its best & most fair judgement at any time and for any reason during the course of the event

  • In the event of ANY technical issue, or otherwise negative event or circumstance is experienced, participants should immediately notify an AVID Staffer. We'll do our ultimate best to rectify the situation; and ultimately, we cannot promise we can rightfully solve the situation. If technical issues, or otherwise negative events or circumstances are experienced, we ask all participating teams to understand the limitations of technology, of golf simulators, and the imperfect realities of hosting a small-scale community event

  • When in doubt, ignore all rules, and just have fun

  • Participants and prospective participants are encouraged to contact with questions, comments, concerns, ideas, or feedback based on experience participating in The SUPER SCRAMBLE

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