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The best experience in town, open all year round.

  • 6 golf simulators

  • Putting green

  • Bar & lounge


AVID GOLF simulators in Winnipeg brings the most accurate indoor golf technology wrapped in a classy sports lounge environment, fun for avid golfers & non-golfers alike.


Whatever your carry distance with a driver, whatever spin you expect to see on a wedge, whatever out-of-bounds slice you might be occasionally should EXPECT to see the same thing at AVID GOLF. 


The Foresight Sports GC Hawk - is the golf simulator used by the majority of PGA Tour professionals, PGA certified golf coaches, Golf Town, GolfTec, and most of Winnipeg, Manitoba's premier golf clubs. 

This picture is for our customers to see that they can hang out together on the front while waiting for their booking time or after their session.



AVID GOLF's indoor golf experience mixes a front-of-house 22-seat bar & lounge area, with a back-of-house 24-seat golf simulator paradise. Sports ranging from PGA Tour stops to local NHL hockey are featured on a big screen TV up front, and in each golf simulator bay. Food & beverages are served throughout. From bar stools to comfy couches, from lounge music to lighting, from putting green to golf simulator simulators in Winnipeg will never be the same!

This picture is for our customers to see the back side of out business location on where they can still hang out and play virtual golf together.


Play 144 true-to-life golf courses, practice on a driving range that delivers ball & club head data, participate in special events like Texas Scrambles, and purchase an AVID GOLF Club Membership to make it all-the-more worthwhile!


Some of the best PGA-certified pros in Manitoba are calling AVID GOLF's simulators in Winnipeg "home." Work with high performing athletes, and some of Manitoba's most experienced coaches, taking YOUR game to the next level.


From corporate events to birthday parties, AVID GOLF's indoor golf studio in Winnipeg was designed for group fun. From scramble tournaments to coaching clinics, a group of 4-40 people - including golfers AND non-golfers, can plan delightful experiences 12 months of the year. 


When it comes to golf simulators in Winnipeg, AVID GOLF's mission is to balance "fun" with "improvement." Let's be honest - we all want BOTH! Lose to your golf friends one day, take a coaching session the next day, hit the driving range for a private practice the following day, and BEAT your friends the day after!


AVID GOLF now sells gift cards in denominations over $25. Give the gift of indoor golf with a gift card for any occasion!


  • 6 golf simulator bays rented by increments of 30 minutes

  • 144 18 hole golf courses, including some of the most famous PGA-stops (Course Catalogue coming soon)

  • Driving Range with adjustable pin-placement

  • Advanced practice options (ex. turn Pebble Beach Hole 18 & 7 into your personal driving & chipping range)

  • Foresight Sports Skills Challenge, and custom skills challenge options

This image is about our technology we are using from our golf simulators GChawk, we need our customers to know about what technologies we are using because it is one of the best with the most accurate data.


Foresight Sports golf simulator technology is enticing Winnipeg golfers by storm - and for good reason!


The majority of PGA Tour players prefer it. PGA-certified coaches swear by it. And avid golfers love it!


How it works?

  • A ceiling-mounted device - known as the GC Hawk - takes thousands of pictures per second, measuring everything about the club head & golf ball in the first 2 feet of ball-flight after impact. 

  • Golfers don't need to tell the golf simulator what club they're using, or whether they're left or right-handed

  • GolfTown, GolfTec, and the majority of Winnipeg, Manitoba's premium private golf clubs use it!

This is a screenshot of the software we are using for golfers to understand what type of exact data they are going to see on their practice sessions.


  • For avid golfers who'd like to level-up their golf swing by optimizing their launch conditions.

  • Club head data includes club head speed, angle of attack, club path, face to path, and more.

  • Simulator Bay #1 and #2 are available with the club head data upgrade

  • When booking Simulator Bay #1 and #2 online, we ask golfers indicate in the "notes" section of the booking, "I want to use club head data." While doing our best to honour each request, our staff reserve the right to prioritize bays for coaching, and to generally optimize the tee sheet as needed.

  • While there is no added cost to book bays equipped with club head data, golfers require specialized club head data "stickers" in order to use this feature. If golfers do not have their own stickers, they may purchase stickers from AVID GOLF at a cost of $4 per club, or $2 per club for 10 clubs or more.

  • Club head data stickers take 1 minute per club to install, and our staff is happy to help.

    • Do I need to bring my own golf clubs?
      Most golfers bring their own clubs, but we do have limited rental sets available which are newer models and in good condition (driver, hybrid, 7 iron, sand wedge & putter)
    • What shoes & clothes should I wear?
      In terms of footwear, outdoor footwear is acceptable as long as it’s in clean form, and clear of golf course debris (ie. bird turds). We advise all guests to bring either athletic shoes or spikeless golf shoes that are clean; we ask that guests refrain from bringing spiked footwear, as unfortunately spikes cause damage to the artificial grass over time. In terms of clothes, many guests choose to wear either golf wear or casual athletic wear. Remember, it’s a light physical activity!
    • What can I drink?
      AVID GOLF has both alcohol & non-alcohol options available In terms of liquor, we operate a licensed bar which prides itself on being fully-stocked with beer, wine & spirits. Please ask to see our new menu for cocktails, shooters & daily specials, INCLUDING 2 house-beer options! In terms of soda, expect 12 unique soda products & sport drinks In terms of coffee, our JURA E8 espresso machine produces coffees, americano’s, espressos, cappucinos & latte’s, using beans exclusively from Good Earth Coffee House (Seasons of Tuxedo)
    • What can I eat? And what’s the policy for outside-food?
      AVID GOLF has both quick-grab food options available on-site,and a food delivery partnership with A Little Pizza Heaven for warm, tasty orders. We have pre-made sandwiches, chips, and chocolate bars on-site A Little Pizza Heaven menus are provided to guests, wait-times average 40 minutes, are subject to change based on time-of-day, and we’re happy to take pre-orders (especially for group parties) Re: outside food, while we encourage customers to order food through our partner(s), we welcome outside food. Customers should bring their own cutlery and help AVID Staff to dispose of food-related garbage after Plan on bringing a birthday cake? Contact us in advance for any special arrangements!
    • What technology does AVID GOLF use?
      The golf simulator hardware & software we use is from Foresight Sports. In terms of hardware, GC Hawks are ceiling-mounted devices leveraging the same technology used by most PGA Tour players, most private golf clubs in Manitoba, and GolfTowns across Canada. In terms of software, FSX 2020 is our default software, as we shift more and more customers to the new FSX Play system.
    • Does AVID do social prizes, donations or sponsorships?
      As a new business, while generally (unfortunately) the answer is “no,” we review every inquiry on a case-by-case basis, and make exceptions specifically for customers & partners of AVID GOLF.
    • How long does it take?
      45-60 minutes per person per bay is the general rule of thumb for golfers aiming to complete 18 holes of play. Golf experiences can be longer or shorter, depending on factors such as a) skill level, b) whether your group spends time warming up on the driving range beforehand, c) if you’re playing with putting ON, or doing Auto Putt (leave putters in the bag), and d) the game format itself (ie. stroke play vs Texas Scramble)
    • How much does it cost?
      Golf simulator bays are rented, based on time, with a price per hour per bay (not per person). Different days & times have different hourly rates, ranging from $36-$54 per hour per bay during Winter months, and $35 per hour per bay during Summer months. Memberships may offer free or discounted bay time (see “Memberships”). 1-4 customers can use a single golf simulator bay at a time. 45-60 minutes per person per bay is the general rule of thumb for an 18 hole experience. And while the average customer experience may be approximately $40 per person, this is a gross estimation, and we ask customers to visit the HOURS/PRICING page on our website to learn more.
    • How do your memberships work?
      In Winter months, a one-time $100 Club Membership offers golfers 10% off peak-times, the $30 off-peak rate during non-peak times, and additional benefits. For those avid golfers looking to golf more than twice per week, and have schedule flexibility, the $240 per month Club Fellowship offers 1 hour free on weekdays before 4PM. In Summer months, a Summer membership for either $140 per month or $560 per Summer offers golfers the ability to practice or play for 1 hour per day - without charge - and a special rate of $30 per hour for all additional time. Please visit our MEMBERSHIP page and HOURS page for more information on memberships and hours of operation during each season.
    • What is the difference between simulator bays?
      All bays are exactly the same size, and cost. In terms of capacity, while we recommend 4 golfers per bay, exceptions can be made to add a 5th person, and Bay #4 specifically can accommodate up to 6 golfers comfortably, as it comes with the largest, L-shaped couch. In terms of seating, Bay #’s 1-3 have bar-stools and bar-top seating, while Bay #’s 4-6 have couches and sofa chairs. In terms of privacy, Bay #’s 5 and 6 are considered more private, and Bay #4 is perceived as “VIP” at the end of the simulator bay hallway. In terms of functionality, Bay #’s 1 and 2 have an additional feature known as “club head data.” For most golfers, the feature is disabled, and the simulator bay functions the exact same as others. But for avid golfers & coaches who'd like to see MORE data to optimise launch conditions, including club head speed, angle of attack, path angle, face to path, and more, the club head data feature may be enabled, which must be used in combination with stickers sold at AVID GOLF for $4 per club.
    • Can I book more than 7 days in advance?
      Short answer is YES. AVID GOLF Club Members gain access to the reservation tee sheet 8 days in advance. And for all other guests, and further advanced bookings, we accept bookings more than 7 days in advance if it's either a) a group booking (2 or more golf simulator bays), OR b) it's a special function (ex. out of town friends, small birthday party, corporate lunch meeting. You're welcome to contact us at 204-505-2843 or, and an AVID Staffer will help you coordinate your booking, including any additional requirements to book it.
    • We’re hosting a corporate event or private party. Can we get more information, including pricing?
      Absolutely, yes, AVID GOLF hosts corporate events & private parties all the time. Please contact us at with information such as date, approximate time, number of hours, number of golfers, number of total guests, whether you’d like to rent the entire facility (16-40 people), and what specifically your group is celebrating. A member of our team will be pleased to respond with pricing & general information for you. For faster response times, please call us at 204-505-2843, and any member of our team will be pleased to assist you.


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